8 Ways to Practice Self-Care from the Shipt Team

Self-care is a huge part of mental health. Checking in with yourself, relaxing, and resting helps to keep you healthy, productive, and so much more. 

Looking for inspiration to add to your self-care routine? Check out these 7 ways from our team, to you. 

 1. Get enough sleep

“I try to get to sleep at 11 p.m. and sleep until 8:30 a.m. 10/10, would recommend.” –Alex L., Brand Designer

Getting enough sleep is important for your cognitive functioning and your overall health. 

 2. Go outdoors

“I like to work out, play golf, or do any outdoor activity.” –Denham C., Lead Social Media Response Specialist 

Staying active and getting fresh air are important ways to care for your overall health. 

 3. Spend time with pets

“Self-care for me is more like puppy-therapy. They greet me at the door after a long day of shopping. They are my self-care!” –Kimberly B., Shipt Shopper

Having a pet or spending time with animals is a proven mood-booster. 

 4. Explore new products

“I like to shop for new makeup products while I watch a good movie.” –Brianna H., Shipt Shopper

Trying new products or experimenting with new things will help you freshen up your routine. 

 5. Practice skin care

“Something I didn’t expect to be so enjoyable was using a jade roller on my face in the mornings.” –Beebe X., Senior Copywriter

Adding a new step into your routine gives you something to look forward to. 

 6. Have a spa day

“Since nail salons have been closed in my area, I got a portable foot spa to use with Epsom salts – it has an automatic massager and bubbles.” –Itzel H., Product Marketing Manager.       

Taking the time to let your body decompress is an important part of staying well. 

 7. Observe nature

“I like grabbing a seat in a quiet spot in a park to observe the critters and birds. I find so much peace and joy just watching nature do its thing.” –Julia P., Brand Designer 

Sometimes unplugging and observing the beauty all around you brings the serenity that you need. 

 8. Unwind

“At the end of the day, I take a warm shower, do a face mask, and cuddle up with my pug to watch our favorite show.” –Emma K., Shipt Shopper. 

Taking time at the end of your day to ritualize a part of your routine will help you relax and unwind. 

Feeling inspired? Get everything you need to update your self-care routine – from face masks to a portable foot bath – delivered with Shipt. 

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