A Holiday Surprise, Delivered 

The holidays are a time for all of us to slow down in our busy lives and give back to our communities and loved ones – and ours stretches across the nation. From our hometown of Birmingham to the golden coasts of California, Shipt Shoppers are known for going above and beyond to assist our members. It’s no different behind the scenes, where shoppers also go to great lengths to support other shoppers in their communities. Out in Detroit, MI, a group of shoppers did exactly that, delivering both gifts and holiday cheer for their fellow shopper, Tyra R. 

Tyra R. joined the Shipt community three years ago after moving Detroit from her home state of Arkansas. As someone who loves both to be active in her community and shop, Tyra says Shipt gave her the flexibility to do that while also going to nursing school and raising her son. She immediately became a big part of the Shipt community in Detroit, who in turn quickly recognized just how gracious and impactful she was on the people around her.

To say thank you for always raising her hand to help someone in need, shoppers in the community surprised Tyra and her family with a holiday shopping spree. The shoppers worked behind the scenes with her friends to procure an incredible list of goodies ranging from home essentials, groceries, self-care products, toys for her son, and more. Then, they split up to buy everything and — in true Shipt fashion — delivered it straight to Tyra’s door. 

The magical scene was the embodiment of the Shipt community: a thoughtful and tight-knit group that gets together for acts of service. Tyra says the moment was even more special because of how this community had supported her during a difficult year. From donating travel miles to watching her dog while Tyra was helping her father back in Arkansas — Tyra says her fellow shoppers did so much to show their love for her and her family this year. 

“I understand now that my family extends across the United States, and that Shipt is my adopted family,” said Tyra.

Since the big surprise, Tyra has taken her last exams to receive her license and become a registered nurse. She’ll continue her tradition of giving back by providing care for local veterans at her regional Veterans Affairs Hospital and of course, she’ll continue to shop for Shipt on her weekends because she says, “I’d miss all my members and fellow shoppers terribly if I didn’t!” 

At Shipt, we know that giving back to communities can make a huge difference in their day, week, or even life. This is especially true during the holiday season, where acts of kindness both big and small have a profound impact. We’re so proud of our Shipt community and awe-inspired by incredible shoppers like Tyra R. and everyone in Detroit who go above and beyond to give back and spread cheer, year-round. 

We hope this story inspires you to make the most of this holiday season, give back and make someone’s holidays and the next year merry and bright! Got a story to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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