Edible Astrology: August Edition

It’s Leo season – time to boldly embrace your confidence and welcome the possibilities of the season. In other words, bring on the makeup-free-selfie energy! This month, enjoy your horoscope with a lunchbox snack for every zodiac sign – perfect for your next grocery delivery. 


Proud and passionate Leo – as always, it’s your time to shine. This month is all about you, your fabulous energy, and confidence. The sun is taking a journey this month, so you’re feeling it all from confident to focused. The perfect lunchbox addition for you? A classic PB&J. It will serve you well throughout this month. Plus, who better to discover the perfect peanut butter to jelly ratio?


Much like you, Mercury (your ruling planet) is working overtime this month and creating confusion for you. From a pang of sadness to a new boldness, you’re going through it all. Look out for surprises this month, kind Virgo, as hard as that may be. Don’t worry, you can maintain control with a healthy and energizing lunch: Veggies with ranch dip. Looking to mix it up? Try dipping into hummus. 


Peacemaker Libra, this month may be a roller coaster for you. As Venus enters Cancer, you’ll be focusing your energy inward on your family and your home. There’s a chance for an upsetting surprise later in the month, so tread lightly. Take comfort in your lunchtime eats and don’t be afraid to grab your favorite potato chips. Are they the healthiest? Probably not. Are they delicious and worth it? Definitely. 


No surprise, Scorpio, the intensity of Leo season leads you to feel sensitive and aggressive – maybe even a little courageous. With Mars in Aries, you’re apt to feel lucky, but be careful not to get ahead of yourself. Take a beat from all of your deep feelings and enjoy a side of fruit with your lunch. Use cookie cutters to create fun shapes and you’ll surely boost your mood.


You are feeling lucky this month, Sagittarius. Remember: Don’t let your tendency to procrastinate rule you this month. Jupiter is in Capricorn, opposite Venus in Cancer, leading to a positive outlook and desire to move forward. Well, keep it moving and stay on track with a quick, lunchbox solution: apple sauce. Some options are extra-portable with no spoon required. Sounds perfect for someone as busy as you. 


You deserve the world, Capricorn. You’ve had some ups and downs lately, run into some obstacles, and you’re still going strong. Your will to persist is serving you well during this season. Sounds like a pick-me-up is in order. Add peanut butter sandwich crackers for your lunch this month. Talk about the taste of childhood. If peanut butter is a no-go, hazelnut spread on crackers is a great alternative. You can thank us later. 


You’re feeling uneasy this month, but not necessarily in a bad way. Uranus, your ruling planet, is in retrograde in Taurus, so you’re slowly starting to find freedom within yourself and reflect on the challenges you’ve faced this year. We get it, it’s time for a well-deserved break and a playful snack. Your perfect lunchtime treat? Fruit snacks. They’re sweet, fun, and will make you feel like a kid again – enjoy!


Creative Pisces, you get to take it easy this month. While your friends and family are coming to terms with changes and wild energies, you’re free to express the creativity that’s bubbling inside you. This month, Mercury is opposite Neptune, which opens you up for expansive expression of the mind. Harness your creativity for your lunch, too. Create fun, pinwheel sandwiches with colorful ingredients. Trust us, you’ll never get bored. 


Mars is in Aries this month which is causing you to feel energized and courageous. But, you’re also battling aggression and the possibility of confrontation – surprising, we know. You feel like you’re walking on eggshells and are itching to take risks. Try something low-stakes, like soup for lunch. Cold or hot, get creative and try a flavor you’ve never had before. Return on investment? A satisfied Aries. 


You’ve been hard at work, Taurus and you’ll soon see the fruits of your labor. Venus enters into Cancer which is bringing you back into the home. Focus on your loved ones and your surroundings. Try not to get caught up in the worries of outsiders. Stay grounded and treat yourself for lunch with a timeless dessert: sandwich cookies. Chow down on whichever variation brings you to your happy place. 


Mercury has been creating confusion for many, but as it enters Leo, you’re sure to feel a jolt of excitement, especially in communication. Share your thoughts and your ideas with your loved ones, gentle Gemini. It’s time to channel your communication and use it for productivity. Don’t let lunch prep slow you down – add something quick to your routine like granola bars. Grab-and-go suits you well. 


As we leave your season, Cancer, you may feel down, but, don’t fret. A new moon in Leo leads to pleasant beginnings – talk about the perfect time to start a new hobby. You’ll feel energized and creative, which is perfect to channel into your lunch. Add your favorite toppings to a cup of yogurt and revel in that inspiration. 

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