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Fighting Racial Injustice, Together

As we attempt to address institutionalized racial injustice, words are not enough. So as one of our first steps towards addressing racial injustice and institutional inequities, Shipt is donating $150,000 to the ACLU and ACLU-AL – and we invite our community to contribute to social justice organizations alongside us. 

Today, we are announcing the Shipt Donation Matching program to do precisely that. We will match any donations made by members, shoppers, and employees – up to $50,000 – to these organizations:

How it Works 

From now to July 10th, donate to either Black Lives Matter or the Equal Justice Initiative, save a copy of your donation receipt, and simply fill out this survey so we can match your donation. 

For our team at Shipt, these donations are only the start of a long road ahead of listening, learning, and acting. No matter the level you’re comfortable contributing, every dollar makes a difference. We’re committed to doing this work and hope you’ll join us.

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