Handpicked Horoscopes: January Edition

It’s Capricorn season, which means we’re feeling refreshed and ready for the new year! Thank you, hardworking Capricorn, for sharing your energy and giving us a fraction of your motivation.  

Check out your January horoscope and which New Year’s resolution you should tackle, based on your sign. Trust us, these are all totally manageable, but still make a big impact. 


Gentle Capricorn, this month is all about you. With a new moon in your corner mid-month, you’re feeling refreshed. With Venus in Capricorn, you’re exceptionally drawn to the finer things in life, making 2021 the perfect time for you to become a plant parent. Surrounding yourself with rich greens and beautiful planters will bring zen to your living room. We know you’ll relish every luscious detail. 


January is starting out fast and furious for you, Aquarius. With the moon square Uranus, your ruling planet, you may have some touchy interactions with your loved ones. Your achievable resolution should focus on the positives and lift your spirits – try dancing out the negative vibes with some new music. Jamming out to your favorite tunes will help you find the peace of mind that you need.


It’s a busy month for you, Pisces. With the sun conjunct Pisces you may be feeling extra passionate. Channel that newfound passion toward your creativity instead of letting it control you. Your perfect New Year’s resolution? Try something new. Whether you want to start a new hobby, try a new craft, or simply switch your sparkling water flavor, a taste of something new will do you some good. 


Get ready for a month of transformations, Aries. Your fiery disposition and go-getter attitude will be rewarded. Mid-month the moon will enter your corner and create the perfect dynamic for you to take a risk  (and reap the rewards). You’ll need to stay grounded through the whirlwind you’ll experience. Grab a new journal and write away. After all, journaling is proven to increase your productivity and creativity. 


You’re feeling even more productive than usual, Taurus. With Venus in Capricorn, you’re full of energy and looking for ways to improve your daily routines. Tackle the skeletons in your closet and do some decluttering in the new year. Whether you pack a few things in storage containers or simply get matching hangers, reducing the clutter in your life will leave you with more room to grow. 


New year, new everything. With Saturn, the Sun, and Jupiter in your 8th house, you’re seeing changes everywhere you turn. You could use some consistency to keep you grounded. The perfect resolution for you: Make your bed each morning. This quick act of productivity will help you stay on track throughout the day. If you need motivation, a new throw pillow or blanket is sure to do the trick. 


Homebody Cancer, like all of us, you’ve been spending ample time at your homebase. With the moon in Capricorn, you’re harnessing even more attention to detail than normal. We know you’ve worked hard to make your space unique, but it’s time to try something different. In 2021, try a new home scent with candles or diffused oils – you might find the extra touch of cozy you’ve been craving. 


The sun moves into Aquarius this month, Leo, so you’re feeling idealistic and imaginative. With the moon in your corner, January is a great time for you to explore your homebody side. Turn your creativity into something delicious by focusing on your talent in the kitchen. At this rate, the perfect New Year’s resolution for you is to try cooking something new or commit to meatless Mondays once a month. 


You’re turning your focus inward this month toward love and family. It’s usually all work, no play for you, sweet Virgo, but your relationships will thank you for adding some playtime. Mercury moves into retrograde later in the month, so you’ll want to save your energy for any possible miscommunications. Your perfect New Year’s resolution? Limit your screen time and opt for family bonding over puzzles or board games instead. 


Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Capricorn this month, Libra. As a result, your attention to details is in overdrive. Meanwhile, Mars is in your 7th house, creating space for you to explore new things. In typical Libra fashion, your desire to make the world a better place will guide you to your perfect resolution: Make an eco-friendly switch. Consider trying a new cleaner or reducing single-use products. 


You’re on track to becoming more creative and bringing new ideas to the table at work or at home. With the moon Opposition Pluto, you’re feeling inspired to make changes to your space in a big way. Be careful not to get ahead of yourself, passionate Scorpio. Lean on the experience and expertise of others by reading more in 2021. Set a realistic goal and turn to the page for inspiration. 


January is all about growth for you, Sagittarius. The moon enters Sagittarius early in the month, which will lead you to feel more emotional than usual. Be careful not to let heightened emotions control you or lead you to rash decisions. Instead, take your dissatisfaction and use it as inspiration to mix up your workout routine. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a pro, keeping things fresh will motivate you. 

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