Handpicked Horoscopes: May Edition

Happy Taurus season! Sweet serenity is finally here as the grounding vibes of Taurus encapsulate us for the month of May. Harness your responsible side and grind through the month for maximum results – just in time to ease up a little for the summer. 

Find out what’s in the stars (and stems) for you. 


It’s your season, Taurus! We’re so glad to finally celebrate you. Your ruling planet, Venus, starts the month in Aries which brings you confidence (sometimes over-confidence) and can cause some tension in your relationships. Later, Venus enters Taurus, which will lift your spirits. Expect the unexpected in both love and money all May long. Celebrate harmony and peace with a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas. 


Gentle Gemini, be ready for a rollercoaster of emotions with your relationships. The month begins with Venus in Aries which could lead to tensions between you and your loved ones. Later, both Mercury and Venus enter Taurus creating the perfect opportunity for you to share your true feelings with your loved ones. Honesty is the best policy, Gemini. Brighten up your space with fresh sunflowers. 


There’s a new moon in Aries early in the month, which creates fiery energy that will give you the courage to follow your passions. Later in the month, a full moon rises in Scorpio which paves the way for big changes in your personal life. It’s time to let go of things that no longer serve you and move toward your goals. Embrace this transformational stage with beautiful peonies. 


You’re feeling enthusiastic and strong, Leo, but what’s new? You’re back on your game with the sun in Aries giving you fiery energy and motivation. Dive into warm weather this season and soak up the sun (coincidentally, your ruling planet). Later, things cool off as the sun moves into Taurus. Your practical side will give you mom-friend energy. A bouquet of irises will bring you joy this month.  


The month begins with Mercury in Pisces which has you deep in your feelings. But don’t worry, on 5/3, Mercury enters Aries which brings an assertiveness that may feel foreign at first. Your energy will be infectious and help you navigate any issues that come your way. Mercury enters Taurus, kicking your productivity into overdrive. Keep your fresh flowers simple and classic with fresh roses this month. 


Venus, your ruling planet, begins the month in Aries which gives you major confidence. You’re on high alert for moments of romance and opportunities to show the ones you love how much you care. Later, Venus enters Taurus which gives you ample opportunities for happiness and enjoying the finer things in life. Treat yourself to a delicate and classic bud: tulips. The vibrant colors are sure to match your mood.  


Now is a great time for reflection, Scorpio. Over the past year, you’ve learned a lot and it’s time to put those lessons into practice. Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn this month, pulling you into quiet retrospection. Try not to muse too much, but use this energy shift to move forward instead of dwelling on the past. Your perfect flower? Grab daisies for a playful pop of color. 


With Jupiter in Aquarius, your eyes are set on the prize, Sagittarius. Be careful not to lose sight of the here and now. Your big-picture thinking and future planning could cause you to miss important details in your day-to-day if you aren’t careful. Remove the opportunity for distractions and choose simple things this month, including simple florals, like mums! They’re elegant, beautiful, and wonderfully uncomplicated. 


Saturn, your ruling planet, is in Aquarius this month, Capricorn. You’re feeling the urge to let down your guard and be open and honest with everyone in your life. People will be more receptive than usual to your feedback. Later in the month you’ll have an inclination to isolate, but be careful not to burn any bridges. Keep yourself centered with bright and colorful floral picks like cosmos


Uranus, your ruling planet, is hanging out in Taurus this month. Your imagination has taken a back seat to dependability and reliability. Later in the month you’ll get back to your normal self and open up to the adventure you crave. Bring tropical vibes home with fresh lilies. From bright pinks to crisp whites, these gorgeous blooms will make you feel like you’re on vacation.  


Strap in Pisces, you may feel drained early in the month. Neptune is in Pisces while Mars is in Gemini creating the perfect storm of emotions that may leave you feeling fatigued. Take it easy and you’ll be rewarded with a new wave of creative energy that’s fueled by relaxation – lucky you! Get inspired with a beautiful bloom like snapdragons. These unique flowers may spark something new for you. 


Mars, your ruling planet, begins the month in Gemini which is giving you confidence and enthusiasm to tackle new things. At the same time, Jupiter sits in Aquarius creating a dynamic duo that boosts your manifestation power and energizes you to work toward success. Later in the month, Mars enters Cancer which brings your emotions to the forefront. Match your planetary energy with fresh carnations

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