Handpicked Horoscopes: October Edition

Welcome to Libra season! All is right as balance and harmony rule our spirits. Bring on the warm and inviting moments – and flavors – that fall has to offer. 

In the spirit of spice and everything nice, indulge in something pumpkin-inspired. We’re looking to the stars to give you guidance to find your new favorite autumn treat. 


Gentle Libra, it’s your time to shine. Venus, your ruling planet, starts the month in Scorpio which gives you the strength to explore your innermost desires. Later, Venus enters Sagittarius which ignites your adventurous spirit. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Bring the smell of autumn air inside with pumpkin-scented air freshener. This lightly sweet and spiced scent will elevate your room with all the warm and cozy vibes. 


Scorpio, your heart is pulling you one way while your head pulls you another. Breathe deeply and take gentle care with your loved ones. With Pluto, your ruling planet, in Capricorn your ambition is on overdrive. Our advice? Stay calm, cool, and collected and everything will be gravy. Stay grounded by going back to basics with a lightly flavored cereal: Pumpkin Spice Cheerios®. Wake up with this seasonal treat to start each day right. 


‘Tis the season for broadening your horizons, adventurous Sagittarius. New opportunities are coming, so stay open to change and you’ll reap the rewards. Jupiter goes direct in Aquarius on October 17, opening you up to new joyous possibilities. Stay caffeinated and ready for anything with a dairy-free seasonal coffee creamer. Whether you like a warm cup of joe or are team iced, a lightly spiced sweetener is sure to brighten your day. 


Capricorn, your ruling planet, Saturn, is in Aquarius this month so your eyes are on the prize. You’re always dreaming about what the future holds and that’s amplified with this planetary placement. You’re also able to get creative in your problem-solving. Keep up the great work, but don’t forget to treat yourself. Wind down after a long day and pop a few pumpkin cookies in the oven.


Sweet Aquarius, your idealistic nature is in full swing this month. With Jupiter in your corner you’re feeling extra open-minded and even more social than usual. Later in the month, Saturn enters your domain so you’re ready to face any challenges that come your way. Enjoy a little something seasonally sweet with Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts®. This easy breakfast will fall-ify your morning with very little effort and maximum reward. 


With your ruling planet, Neptune, in your corner, your imagination is working overtime. Don’t let your mind confuse fantasy with reality. Stay grounded in what you know to be true and everything will work out. Play into your craving for a little magic with a festive scent that will set you up for a cozy fall night: a bourbon pumpkin scented candle. The warm and spiced fragrance will make you feel like you’re fireside with friends. 


Aries, you’re feeling uncharacteristically relaxed early this month. Your ruling planet, Mars, begins October in Libra which is giving you all the balance you need to sing kumbaya with your friends and coworkers. Don’t get too comfy, though. Later in the month, Mars enters Scorpio and unlocks your competitive and ambitious nature. Celebrate the season with that same intensity with a pumpkin spice hot chocolate bomb. After all, why not indulge in the theatrics? 


Taurus, this month starts off with a little mystery as your ruling planet, Venus, begins in Scorpio. Your hidden-most desires that you’ve pushed away may begin to surface. Don’t be afraid to chase them. You’ll get a little extra boost in the adventure department as Venus ventures in Sagittarius. Embrace this feeling of freedom, but avoid long-term commitments. Get back to your meticulous self and freshen up your room with the fresh scent and cozy glow of this pumpkin candle


You’re a social butterfly, but your charisma is at an all-time high with Mercury, your ruling planet, starting the month in Libra. You’re feeding off other people’s energy and searching for ways to give positivity back to them. It’s a great time for your relationships as Mercury goes direct mid-month. In that spirit, opt for a sweet treat that you can share, like these pumpkin-flavored chocolate covered pretzels – save one for us! 


There’s a new moon in Libra, gentle Cancer. You may be looking to mend relationships or reconnect with an old friend. If you’re feeling unsure, fear not  – there’s a full moon in Aries later in the month that will give you the boost of courage you need. Your perfect treat will mend any burned bridges. Whip up some delicious pumpkin bread as an olive branch and you’re sure to win them back. 


The sun is in Libra this month, Leo. That means there are tons of new opportunities for fun, innovation, and friendship coming your way. Later, the sun shifts to Scorpio bringing with it an air of mystery and intrigue. Try not to overthink and remain calm and steady – thank us later. Your instinct may be to toughen up, but stay soft. As a good reminder, treat yourself to some creamy and smooth pumpkin spice caramels. Yum! 


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is hanging out in Libra all month long. That means harmony and balance will rule your October – score! We know how much you like everything in its place. Make sure you listen carefully to your loved ones this month to keep the harmony flowing, and don’t take it for granted. Treat yourself with a creamy and delicious white chocolate pumpkin pie candy. Trust us, you’ll love them. 

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