Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day!

These days, there’s a holiday for everything. And we can’t complain! Everyday is a day to celebrate something, and who could hate that?

National Disc Jockey Day, Hugging Day, Fig Newton Day, Rubber Duckey Day, Hot Pastrami Day, Step in the Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day (really), the list never ends!

Yesterday happened to be Beer Can Appreciation Day, and we couldn’t let it go without mentioning some of our favorite brews based in our cities. Google it. It’s actually real! Shipt staffers happen to be experts at working hard and enjoying life, just as much. So in honor of this hallowed day, we’re sharing some of our favorite brews with you (that happen to come in cans!).


Good People Snake Handler (Birmingham, AL)
Starting right in the hometown of our HQ, this hoppy IPA is a staff favorite. Snake Handler is malty with bright citrus notes and a piney scent. The can has a retro poster-style design that makes us want to get together with good people (see what we did there?) and reminisce over good times.

Try pairing it with a comforting bowl of chili or even in an ice cream float!


Full Steam Brewery Cackalacky Pale Ale (Durham, NC)
This light ale is brewed with ginger, but it doesn’t hit you over the head with it. It’s drinkable and refreshing with zingy, tart notes and minimal bitterness.

Try pairing it with a pear salad or even fresh sushi. Think ginger first, and experiment a little!


Cigar City Jai Alai IPA (Tampa, FL)
This brew screams flavor. It starts with sweet citrus and and leads with a tropical taste, like pineapples and mangoes with a subtle bitterness underneath.

Try pairing it with spicy beef empanadas or sriracha, well, anything!


Straight to Ale Monkeynaut IPA (Huntsville, AL)

Citrusy (think grapefruit), floral, malty and crisp. We’re bananas for Monkeynaught. It’s out of this world with creamy smoothness and just the right amount of hoppiness.

Try pairing it with s’mores. Yes, it’s oddly amazing with dark chocolate!

**Shipt currently doesn’t ship alcohol, but hey, you bring the beer, we’ll bring the groceries.

BYOB, Shipters. Cheers!


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