Local Love: The Heart of Alabama

Sweet home Alabama just got a little sweeter. We’re excited to launch grocery delivery directly to the heart of Alabama by welcoming Tuscaloosa and Montgomery to the Shipt family.

While these two cities are famous for football and state government, here at Shipt HQ we know them as our neighbors and couldn’t be happier about launching so close to home.   

Through a day of exploration and celebration, we got to know our neighboring cities a little bit better. Our local shoppers led the way throughout these unique, yet familiar towns and helped us hit each city’s highlights.

Bryant Denny Stadium

“Roll Tide” shouted a Crimson fan in passing as we snapped this photo. If you haven’t heard, Tuscaloosa is home to the University of Alabama and its football team. If you want to see southern football done right, visit Tuscaloosa on a fall Saturday where the home team has clear advantage. The streets overflow with red, white, and houndstooth fans chanting “Roll Tide, Roll” throughout the tailgating town.

If you’re not one for fanatics or the sold-out stadium vibe, we recommend checking out Bryant Denny Stadium in the off-season. Don’t miss out on the Walk of Champions, where you can see the statues of national championship coaches. There’s even a museum dedicated to the football legacies of Alabama.


Babe’s Doughnuts

Although Babe’s Doughnuts originated in Texas, the shop’s second location in Tuscaloosa perfectly fits the college town atmosphere. We made a quick stop to the new doughnut shop off of University Boulevard and ate every bite of our doughnuts down to their colorful crumbs. Our personal favorite flavor: maple syrup!

Heritage House

As soon as you walk through the tall, glass doors of Heritage House, you’re immediately welcomed with a warm smile and a sign reading “Dining in? Take a mug!” The coffee shop’s charm and carefully curated mug collection is infectious, but what caught our eyes was the story behind the beautiful decor. The current owner, Rebekah, admitted she didn’t know much about coffee, except for the fact she knew a good cup of joe when she tasted it. Her niece, Amy, a fellow barista at the shop, directed us to a picture on the wall reading, “Coffee with friends is happiness tasted and time well spent.” We couldn’t agree more with Amy’s aunt.

Since we were so charmed by Heritage House, when Amy then suggested we take a visit to City Cafe, we knew we had to take her advice

City Cafe

Year in and year out, one thing in Tuscaloosa remains the same. Locals and university alumni say City Cafe hasn’t changed in decades. The cafe is known for its meat and three southern-style cooking and hospitality. Take the family to this local hub for a filling meal, get there early because lunch hour turns this tiny diner into a full house.

After eating our way through Tuscaloosa, we made our way south to take in some history in the state’s capital, Montgomery.

Alabama State Capitol

When in the capital, you must stop (or cartwheel your way) by the State Capitol building. Montgomery is filled with rich history museums and beautiful monuments. Take an educational excursion through one of the many museums Montgomery has to offer on the State Capitol grounds.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is the ultimate summertime spot. Beat the heat by jumping into the river or walk over to the amphitheater and enjoy Movies Monday in July. From concerts to food festivals, there’s always something happening at this park.

Hank Williams Museum

You can find Hank Williams on almost every street corner in Montgomery. This native son is featured everywhere – from statues to street art. The Hank Williams Museum showcases his greatest works, memorabilia, and images of his life.

Thanks for the hospitality, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery. Since we’re neighbors, we’ll be back to visit soon. Have a favorite spot in either of these two towns? Let us know in the comments below!

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