Meet the Shoppers

Now you know who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Let’s hear from the people who make it happen, the shoppers. Shoppers move through the grocery store like ninjas in the night. They pack their trunks full of groceries in the rain and the Florida sunshine. We all know they’re inspecting your fruit, searching for your special request, and building your Publix sub, but who are they? Why are they living the #ShiptLife?


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Kali Lovell wanted to share this hilarious meme with us. She is a brand new shopper in Orlando, FL! Even though she just started she is loving the Shipt life, “I like the #ShiptLife because I get to create my own schedule and help others while getting paid to shop! My extra income from Shipt is helping me to achieve my goals.”





Kat Voss started shopping August 4th in the Tampa Bay Area and Publix employees know her by name. She is known to visit two, three, even four stores, for one order. She sets weekly order goals and focuses on quality over quantity. She shared her first shopping experience with us, “One of the first customers I had was a welcoming and sweet lady who is legally blind. She opened her door with a smile. It was wonderful!“ Kat strives to meet customer demands, “I love the freedom of being a Shipt Pilot. I enjoy seeing others smile. It makes me feel better when I have helped others.”

While she isn’t shopping she enjoys her flexible schedule that allows her to send time with her son.


A special thanks to all our shoppers bring groceries and smiles to our customers!


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