Mind and Body Wellness with Tori Prendergast

If you’re like us, your New Year’s resolutions revolve around taking healthy habits that you worked all year to develop and kicking them up a notch. 

We enlisted the help of our friend and Yoga Instructor, Tori Prendergast, to share tips on how she spends her day to keep productivity and wellness at the forefront. 

5 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness

 1. Start the night before.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Tori recommends evaluating how many hours you need and making a plan to wind down before you hit the pillow.

 2. Fuel your body intuitively. 

Ask yourself: “what does my body need to get through the next few hours?” Then, eat or drink what nutrients and flavors work best for you. 

 3. Have quiet time. 

Whether you practice mediation, prayer, or journaling, setting aside time for stillness early in the day can help you set your intentions and align your focus. 

 4. Regroup throughout the day. 

If you find yourself struggling to feel grounded during the day, take a moment to regroup and refuel with your choice of coffee, tea, or a green juice. 

 5. Practice simple yoga poses.

There’s no wrong or right way to get moving. If you spend a good portion of your day sitting while you work, simple moves can help you boost your mood and de-slouch. 

Tori recommends poses like Cat/Cow, the Sphinx, and the Reclining Pigeon. Check her out on Instagram to learn more!  

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