Mother’s Day 2015: Give the Gift of Time


It’s a lazy Saturday night, when you suddenly between episodes of your latest binge you remember. Mother’s Day is tomorrow. You panic and check your phone. It’s 11:00 PM. What did you get her last year?

Does this sound familiar? Shipt wants to help.

Before you rush off to the convenient store, we have listed the top 3 go-to Mother’s Day gifts:

1. Flowers




2. Greeting Cards


Really? So she can put them in a pile she hasn’t looked at in 10 years?


3. Chocolates


Don’t you care about her health?

Let’s give her something she’ll actually use.

Mothers watch out for us 365 days a year, and we spend one day making them feel special. Let’s make it count. At Shipt, we believe mothers should be honored for all of their love and selflessness. So this year, we want to help you celebrate your mother with the gift of time.

Meal planning and grocery shopping takes up valuable hours! She should be spending her free time with family, loved ones, and most importantly: herself! What if she could have her groceries delivered right to her door? She’d save her over 100 hours and 93 trips to the grocery store before next Mother’s Day.

On our Facebook Page, tag a mother, grandmother, aunt, or mother figure to enter them in a contest to win a free MemberShipt with unlimited grocery deliveries for a year! The contest will run until 10:00 PM May 9th. We will announce the two winners on 10:00 AM on Mother’s Day. Then she will be able to have her own chocolates delivered whenever she wants!

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