On-Demand Grocery Delivery in the Valley

Over the past few months, we’ve spent a lot of time exploring great cities across the South. From Nashville down to South Florida, our team has been introducing on-demand grocery delivery to thousands of folks who are looking to simplify their lives, and it’s been awesome.

That being said, we’re ready to make some West Coast friends, which is why we are thrilled to announce that we are launching on-demand grocery delivery in Phoenix on October 6! It’s the first stop on our journey out West, and this Birmingham start-up couldn’t be more excited (especially because visiting Phoenix gives us an excuse to escape the impending fall chill in Birmingham).

As we recruit Shoppers and prepare to launch, we are scouring the Phoenix region (or, as some say, “The Valley of the Sun”) and learning about the amazing food, drinks and spaces that make the city so unique.

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Public Market
Photo courtesy of Phoenix Public Market

First stop? The Phoenix Public Market. It hosts an open air market and café that provide Phoenix residents with a plethora of opportunities to purchase healthy foods and get to know the local farming community. Along with an ongoing market and café, the Phoenix Public Market also hosts a series of great events such as the Chile Pepper Festival. We just missed it this year, but we’re looking forward to scalding our taste buds while making new friends next October.

Speaking of taste buds, many of our friends on social media have probably seen a few subtle hints regarding our team’s addiction to pizza – no shame. Well, although we do not choose our launch cities based on pizza options, it certainly doesn’t hurt when a new market has a much-hyped wood brick pizza place. Maybe that’s why we are so excited about Phoenix’s Forno 301 Pizzeria – considered by many in the metro area to be some of the best pizza in town. Our first order at 301? Well, we don’t want to let the cart get in front of the horse, but the launch team has been eyeing the Proscuitto Crudo since we first saw they menu – we’ll keep you posted.

Photo courtesy of Forno 301
Photo courtesy of Forno 301

After scarfing down a ridiculous amount of pizza (and burning it off through a grocery delivery work-out), we plan to catch our first ever Phoenix Suns basketball game. Charles Barkley left a legacy with the Suns (sorry, but we’re going to have to give another gratuitous shout out to our home state of Alabama’s Auburn University here), and we’re excited to support the current roster as they push that legacy forward.

We’ve got a lot to look forward to in Phoenix, and we plan to keep you updated on our adventures. Be sure to check out on-demand grocery delivery by visiting our Phoenix landing page and stay connected with us on social media.

See you soon!

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