A Serious Side Hustle. I’m a Shipt Shopper.

  “A way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in.” If you Google “what is a side hustle?,” that’s the result you get. We think you should also see Derek’s picture, one of our Shipt Shoppers. He’s an entrepreneur, IT expert, beer connoisseur (literally), and partners […]

Announcing Shipt “1.1.1 delicious-hippopotamus”

First off, we (everyone at Shipt including the Shipt Engineering team) have been listening to all of the great feedback you have been sending us. We have some features in Shipt 1.1.1 that we think will really give everyone a better experience when grocery shopping with Shipt. Version Delicious-Hippopotamus is available in the app store […]

My Data Science ApprenticeShipt

  Take a second and think about just how many things are offered at your local grocery store. It’s pretty amazing that we can get so many of the things we need from one place. From the data point of view, however, I’m certainly glad I don’t have to put together everything they sell in […]

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