Real Shopper Stories: Surviving Breast Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we sat down – virtually, of course – with shoppers and breast cancer survivors. These amazing women bravely shared their story, advice on coping, and so much more.

Annette S. – Grand Rapids, MI 

Shopper since November 2017
Diagnosed in January 2014

  • Can you tell us about your story? 

I was very fortunate. Once my lumpectomy was completed, the board reviewed my case and determined I was clear to be monitored for 2 years – with no other treatment. 

  • What is something you want others to know? 

Breast cancer can be detected early. Be aware of your breasts, get annual exams, and educate yourself on all of the latest technology and treatments. 

Jennifer R. – Charlotte, NC

Shopper since September 2019
Diagnosed in 1996 and 2009

  • What has changed in your life since your diagnosis? 

The way I handle day-to-day stresses. I no longer stress over the small stuff as much as I do over bigger things. Having cancer changed my outlook. If you can beat cancer, you can overcome anything. 

  • What advice would you share with someone newly diagnosed or going through treatment? 

Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. It’s your life that’s on the line and you need to feel confident about your treatment recommendations and doctor choices. 

Martha H. – Atlanta, GA. 

Shopper since February 2019
Diagnosed in August 2012

  • Can you share any tips on remaining body positive and maintaining self compassion?

Everyone is different in the way they work through the diagnosis and treatment. Do what is right for you and your situation. Focus on what you need to do and give yourself permission to do it your way. 

  • What kind of support was invaluable to you?

The friends who went with me to chemo. We talked and laughed the whole time. 

Kim L. – Columbus, OH

Shopper since January 2016
Diagnosed in June 2009

  • What advice would you share with someone in recovery? 

I didn’t realize how tired the medication and radiation would make me. I carved out time every day for a nap. And let “your people” take care of you, even if it’s just a meal or being with you. 

  • What is something you want others to know about your story? 

Early detection is so important, I can’t stress that enough. Mine was caught through my yearly mammogram. Because it was caught early, my survival rate is 98% – I’m blessed! 

Find more resources about breast cancer from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of other patients and survivors – make a donation or purchase a pink Shipt shirt today. 

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