12 Reasons Why H-E-B Makes Everything Better

We’re so excited to partner with H-E-B grocery stores. We want to tell our Shipt family a little more about why we’re in love with this Texan company.

1. H-E-B now stands for Here Everything’s Better.

Hmmhmm. Soak it in.

2. It all began in a family home.

H-E-B was founded in 1905 as the C.C. Butt Grocery Store by Florence Butt in her family home, located in Kerrville, Tx. She invested 60 dollars to get the business going.

Fourteen years later, her youngest son, Howard Edward Butt, took over the business after returning from WWI.


3. Five percent of H-E-B pre-tax profits go to charity.

They’ve delivered over 935 million pounds of food, over‑the‑counter medicine and more to food banks all over Texas.

After the fertilizer plant fire and explosion in West, Tx, H-E-B donated to the American Red Cross and dispatched their own Mobile Kitchen and water tankers to the city, delivering meals and water to victims and first responders.

4. They support teachers and love reading.

The H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards celebrates schools across the state of Texas! Each year they award more than $800,000 to teachers, principals, school districts, school boards and early childhood facilities.

Aaand they have an early childhood literacy program called Read 3, which includes pledges to read to your child at least three times a week and collects millions of books for those without.


5. Their mascot is a grocery bag.

And his name is buddy!

6. Holy Batman. That’s a lot food.

H-E-B stores are known for having a variety of their own international delis, European bakeries, cafes, juice and ice cream bars, and more.

They are known for their own
private-label items. Anything from staple pantry items to chili cheese corn chips to white bread without crusts to Korean Barbecue sauce and thousands more.


7. They compost!

H-E-B’s Organic Diversion Programs diverted more than 25,000 tons of organics from the landfill to compost and animal feed.

8. They actually provide a way to recycle those pesky grocery bags.

H-E-B provides recycling for plastic bags, newspaper sleeves, outer wrap, 6‑pack rings, and dry cleaning bags.

9. They focus on saving energy and reusing materials.

Here are just a few ways, straight from H-E-B:

  • San Antonio stores receive between 10% and 35% of their electrical power (25 million kWh) each year from renewable sources. That’s enough to power an additional 2,000 homes annually.
  • Six stores have achieved LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green building certification.
  • We use energy efficient fluorescent high‑bay light fixtures that will reduce harmful carbon dioxide from the air by more than 29 million pounds.
  • The landscaping at our stores is designed to conserve water, filter run‑off water, and promote native plant life. We use a large percentage of drought resistant and native plants meeting or exceeding local requirements for use of those types of plants in landscaping.
  • The steel we use in our buildings is produced with a minimum of 65% recycled content. Our wallboard is made from recycled materials, and we also use highly energy efficient heating and air conditioning units and ENERGY STAR compliant roofing material in all new stores.

10. They love the Earth.

Just a few environmental organizations they work with…Keep Texas Beautiful, Earth Share of Texas, The Nature Conservancy, Hill Country Conservancy, Cibolo Nature Center, Texas Audubon Centers, The National Wildlife Federation, Ocean Trust‑Texas, and many more.

11. Yes, that means the oceans too.

H-E-B partners with Ocean Trust, helping to restore 10,000 acres of estuarine habitat along the South Texas coast.

12. H-E-B loves Shipt.

And we love them too.

Save more time for what matters. We’ll get the groceries from H-E-B!


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