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12 Reasons Why H-E-B Makes Everything Better

We’re so excited to partner with H-E-B grocery stores. We want to tell our Shipt family a little more about why we’re in love with this Texan company.

1. H-E-B now stands for Here Everything’s Better.

Hmmhmm. Soak it in.

2. It all began in a family home.

H-E-B was founded in 1905 as the C.C. Butt Grocery Store by Florence Butt in her family home, located in Kerrville, Tx. She invested 60 dollars to get the business going.

Fourteen years later, her youngest son, Howard Edward Butt, took over the business after returning from WWI.


3. Five percent of H-E-B pre-tax profits go to charity.

They’ve delivered over 935 million pounds of food, over‑the‑counter medicine and more to food banks all over Texas.

After the fertilizer plant fire and explosion in West, Tx, H-E-B donated to the American Red Cross and dispatched their own Mobile Kitchen and water tankers to the city, delivering meals and water to victims and first responders.

4. They support teachers and love reading.

The H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards celebrates schools across the state of Texas! Each year they award more than $800,000 to teachers, principals, school districts, school boards and early childhood facilities.

Aaand they have an early childhood literacy program called Read 3, which includes pledges to read to your child at least three times a week and collects millions of books for those without.


5. Their mascot is a grocery bag.

And his name is buddy!

6. Holy Batman. That’s a lot food.

H-E-B stores are known for having a variety of their own international delis, European bakeries, cafes, juice and ice cream bars, and more.

They are known for their own
private-label items. Anything from staple pantry items to chili cheese corn chips to white bread without crusts to Korean Barbecue sauce and thousands more.


7. They compost!

H-E-B’s Organic Diversion Programs diverted more than 25,000 tons of organics from the landfill to compost and animal feed.

8. They actually provide a way to recycle those pesky grocery bags.

H-E-B provides recycling for plastic bags, newspaper sleeves, outer wrap, 6‑pack rings, and dry cleaning bags.

9. They focus on saving energy and reusing materials.

Here are just a few ways, straight from H-E-B:

  • San Antonio stores receive between 10% and 35% of their electrical power (25 million kWh) each year from renewable sources. That’s enough to power an additional 2,000 homes annually.
  • Six stores have achieved LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green building certification.
  • We use energy efficient fluorescent high‑bay light fixtures that will reduce harmful carbon dioxide from the air by more than 29 million pounds.
  • The landscaping at our stores is designed to conserve water, filter run‑off water, and promote native plant life. We use a large percentage of drought resistant and native plants meeting or exceeding local requirements for use of those types of plants in landscaping.
  • The steel we use in our buildings is produced with a minimum of 65% recycled content. Our wallboard is made from recycled materials, and we also use highly energy efficient heating and air conditioning units and ENERGY STAR compliant roofing material in all new stores.

10. They love the Earth.

Just a few environmental organizations they work with…Keep Texas Beautiful, Earth Share of Texas, The Nature Conservancy, Hill Country Conservancy, Cibolo Nature Center, Texas Audubon Centers, The National Wildlife Federation, Ocean Trust‑Texas, and many more.

11. Yes, that means the oceans too.

H-E-B partners with Ocean Trust, helping to restore 10,000 acres of estuarine habitat along the South Texas coast.

12. H-E-B loves Shipt.

And we love them too.

Save more time for what matters. We’ll get the groceries from H-E-B!


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  1. Victoria Montalto

    I’ve lived in several states and HEB grocery stores are by far the best, from the high quality produce to their freindly and helpful employees. So glad to see the availability of organics products. Please reject GMOs.
    Where do I recycle plastic that is different than grocery bags?


      As the commercials say, this is my store.
      The folks are Texas friendly there.
      You always know someone in HEB, be it neighbor or one of the staff.
      And the big HEB’s are something else, destination buying…..not shopping!

        Terry Guidry

        HEB does make me feel welcome and it is really my store to shop in….I do love my HEB store.I would love to be n one of their commercials to let our Texans know…this is the place to shop.


      You should be able to find a recycle bin for all plastics near the front of your local HEB. N

      Danny Johnson

      My daughter in law has worked for HEB for 15 years and they are very good to their employees. She started out at the bottom collecting shopping carts around the parking lot. Today she is the manager of the bakery department, knows how to bake anything and is an incredible cake decorator. All thanks to their employee training. Every HEB supervisor and manager came up through the ranks.


      I live in ATX and take HEB for granted. i appreciate the article, i love Central Market, gonna be in there and HEB more often.


      I would love heb if they loved us here in Burnet. all heb will give us is an oversized convenience store. Burnet heb sells more per square foot than marble falls heb so heb is giving marbel falls a giant heb. some in Burnet don’t even bother to go to our heb. My wife and I go to wal mart in m.f. a couple times a month to make up what we dont’ have in Burnet. would love heb if they would put a gracery store in Burnet. I think our city council should tell heb put up or get out and we could get a real gracery store. the sales tax we pay in marble falls apportion goes to them. if we could buy in Burnet we would get that much more tax for the city to pave some streets or what ever!!


        Be thankful we live in Giddings Tx. and would love to have any kind of HEB no matter how small, etc.
        We either have to shop at the Brookshire Bros. Or drive 20 miles to La Grange & or drive 30 miles to the Brenham HEB !
        I realize the population in Giddings is only 5000 but it seems that they should be able to build & or put (what they used to call a pantry store) here!

  2. EmeldaBalderas

    I am now retired. My children asked if one day I will move to where they live, NC, CT, Seattle, Germany. I said no. They said why? I said, you don’t have HEB. When I visit them, I miss HEB. I actually bring some of HEB groceries when I visit them. Some for treats for my grandkids. Seriuosly, I bring 2 luggages, one clothes, one full of HEB groceries. HAHAHAHA. I love my Spurs and HEB. By the way, I moved her from the Philippines in 1972 to work as an RN. I was the first Filipino RN in San Antonio. My first HEB was the one at Babcock Road. I live in Babcock North residential area, the only residential then. And I still do. MABUHAY HEB! Means Long Live HEB!

      Danny Johnson

      During the Iraq war our local (Texas) army reserve unit was activated and deployed to Iraq. A local group decided to send a care package from back home to them. Our local HEB heard about it and donated everything we wanted. Everything in the care package was a Texas HEB product. You wouldn’t believe how great it went over with “our boys” far from home.

  3. Rodney Rodriguez

    There “Flaming Chicken” is Awesome!!, not the oven roasted one,, the FLAMING CHICKEN, they bbq it over a fire with a seasoning they wont disclose,. whether the cooks don’t know or there’re not allowed to tell you. But not all the HEB has them. The one on 410 and Bandera, and the one on Bandera and Culebra. They cost $6.99, up from $4.99 when I first got here in 2011. a Flaming Chicken and an iced fruit water was the best !. I love that yall got a lot of Texas Themed items,. I used to travel across USA, and Texas is the only state ive seen that’s got state pride. Don’t even dare ask for a sweet-tea up north. lol, WE love those yellow coupons yall got,. I look forward to seeing whats next on sale. Keep up the good work!!

  4. George Wilson

    One of the things that make HEB special is how they match the store to the neighborhood being served. This is so unlike the typical corporate grocery store that is identical in look and feel in every location.

  5. Fred Carlgren

    if I shop at the T or W store I usually walk away with only 2/3 of my grocery list filled but at HEB it’s always 100% – One stop shop save time, gas, car wear and money and the prices are good and dependable and their store brand is of the best quality of brands available and saves money. My personal garden of Eden where I don’t even have to pick the fruit or catch the pig.

  6. CherylM

    I’m with you! Other stores do not stack up. If a desired item is not at the one you frequent, another across town has it. And HEB is can be found in the most affluent and also the less-affluent neighborhoods, trying to be both relevant and neighborly. Serving all the people. I recently re-discovered Central Market. Thought about all the years I traipsed around to WF and SP. Unnecessary.


      I agree about the location of HEB. They are not snobby and exclusive like some other chains. They are in the well-heeled as well as the working class neighborhoods. That is, in my opinion, a bug reason why they are so successful. They have lovely produce, always so fresh. The meat department is also fresh. It’s great how many organic items they now carry and my HEB has a great Latin food selection…fresh tortillas and outstanding fresh guacamole, for example. Now if they would just get that tomato paste in the tube…..

  7. June

    I have lived in many different states and I can honestly say that HEB is not the worst, but it’s not the best either. Their selection is getting to be less & less, as they are starting to only offer their own name brand, over any other name brand item. I have tried their name brand over and over, and now no longer buy it unless I absolutely have to. Their stuff just isn’t very tasty and does not last very long. I can tell the quality is not very good. They completely monopolize the grocery market here in San Antonio, so we don’t have much of a choice. I am shopping more & more at whole foods. I know you want to be all about “Texas”, but in all honesty, almost everyone that talks about HEB to me, is complaining about it. sorry

      James Swindle

      I’m almost always happy with their store brands. I noticed that their store brand of steel-cut oats, for example, appears to have come from the same factory as did a package of the store brand from Sprouts Market, which positions itself as more of a healthy-food store. There are other store-brand items that are unique to HEB. I like HEB because I find fast check-out, high quality and low prices. At the larger HEB stores, I find wide selection.

      sandy conda

      That sure doesn’t sound like the HEB I know, everybody I know loves our new store on South Shore Blvd in League City and they have the best tasting private labels around anywhere, try Kroger’s sometime, totally yucky. I have never heard anybody complain about HEB just rave reviews.

      Suzanne O.

      I completely agree, I used to work there, and the selection was better, I still shop there. But that is the only place to shop other than HEB is Walmart and I don’t like them because they put in the meats things that keep them fresh longer and the produce is not as good as HEB. But everytime I shop I see more and more products that have been replaced with their store brands and that is so aggravating to me. I see this all the time!!!!

  8. Andrea Mara

    So true. I love HEB. I moved to Oklahoma and lived there for 10 years. I would load up with groceries from HEB when I came to visit my sons. My husband always gave me a long list of groceries we MUST have in order to survive. LOL. Now I moved back and I am so happy to continue shopping there. I just got my first delivery using Shipt. I am in heaven.

  9. Donna

    I am spoiled by HEB products. I only buy HEB potato chips/tortilla chips/corn chips etc…. now. They are better than brand names & can get them lightly salted. I have never gotten an HEB brand of anything that I did not like. I just love the HEB sliced peaches in the plastic jars. They are better than Del Monte & Dole. I save a lot also with the buy one get ??????? free and the prices on a lot of their things are lower than other grocery stores. When my sister visits from Louisiana, she has to go to HEB for some produce.

  10. Jerry Borque

    Please build some stores in Northeast Texas beginning in Athens. We love HEB and currently drive from Athens to Corsicana to shop.

  11. Terry Guidry

    After reading over the chats…I would say…HEB has definitely got everything we want including lots of fresh herbs and great healt foods…no need to drive from Humble to the other side of Houston to another health food store. Its right n my HEB store!

  12. Tom

    I don’t eat a lot of meat anymore, but their fruit and veggies are superior to everyone else. They also don’t have a “card” to save you money. Even without it they beat everyone elses prices. And their help is friendly, knows where everything is and are EFFICIENT. In and out. No 20 minute lines. In the interest of full disclosure I worked for them when in high school, back in the 60s. I have lived where there are no HEBs. I don’t want to again.

  13. Marcus

    My girlfriend is a recruiter for H-E-B, and she loves working for this company. I’m from East Texas and was always wondering was this company really that great. I have visited a few stores and I must say the employee’s have really great attitudes & really enjoy working for this company. Looking forward to them bringing more stores to the Dallas area.

  14. Anita Barrera

    I LOVE MY HEB!!!! I always wait to do my grocery shopping until Friday after work so that I can go to my favorite location near my office – HEB Bunkerhill – Houston, TX. I usually spend 2 to 3 hours shopping. I have my grocery list on hand and walk down each aisle just to make sure I don’t forget anything. Love the fresh seafood, meat, produce, deli, bakery, florist, and just everything about that store. I love all the gourmet and specialty items they carry, especially when planning my Tea Parties. I can pick up everything in one stop and the beautiful arrangements made especially for my parties. Thank you, HEB!!!

  15. Everett

    I worked on and off for HEB (high school & college) for 7 years & I know that HEB has been the best company to work for. They helped me through college on MY schedule. They treat their employees like family & they want you to succeed! My mother, brother, sister, & many other family & friends also worked for HEB (mother is going on 23 years of service & counting still). I worked in the produce department for 6 of those 7 years & I know their produce is by far better than Kroger/Randalls/Brookshire Bros! Their meat department is better than those also as my mother & sister worked in that department for combined 15 years. I now shop for conveniency (as there isn’t an HEB for 10 miles from me) but I prefer HEB every time! Keep on keeping on, HEB! Do your thing b/c you’re doing it RIGHT!! Family comes first!

  16. mary wood

    Does HEB support Planned Parenthood and LGBT?
    Thank you and God bless

  17. Shan Wright

    I love the organic gorceries at a good price, as well as all the HEB brands, and the produce is wonderful! But one of the BEST things about HEB, that I haven’t even seen mentioned at all, is their Evervescense skin care products. They are fantastic! Watch the informercial on Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford made from the melon in the south of France. You can spend a small fortune on that or….. get Evervescense from HEB made with the apple from the south of Switzerland for a fraction of the price with the same amazing results! Please don’t ever discontinue this product! I don’t think enough people know about it. I’m 68, & my skin has never looked better!

  18. cha asokan

    I love to cook, and have lived in all over the US. HEB is by far the best grocery chain in the country. fresh affordable produce, great beer and wine selection, nice canning supplies, which I use for all kinds of art and food purposes, awesome HEB brand product from food to paper goods, and all around nice, helpful people who work there. I LOVE HEB!!!

  19. Lisa

    When I was a little girl growing up in Copperas Cove on my family’s cattle ranch, my aunt used to take us to HEB. Now, 50 years later, I still do all my shopping at HEB. I love the cooking stations, the samples everywhere and the general atmosphere of the store.

  20. joycie welkener

    My mom grew up in k Kerrville area home of original BEN, and we have always depended on BEN. BEFORE WWII we lived in deep south Texas, the closest BEN was Corpus Christi. Too far away to go but I now live in SAT (61) years, code to my BEN. Thanks to GOD.

  21. Penny Bliss

    We live in San Antonio and love our HEB. My husband’s job took us to Aledo, TX for nine months. The closest HEB was in Granbury. The first week I shopped at local grocery stores in Aledo and Weatherford. After that week we made a 30 mile trip each way every week to shop at the Granbury HEB. We are so happy to be back home and less than one mile away from my HEB.

  22. Robert Gartman

    I like HEB. I worked for HEB for 12 years, it is still a great company to work for. I think HEB has great selection and all the departments offer fresh products. This is where I buy all my meat, it is so much fresher than the meat at W. There is always the ” The Good and The Bad ” The company has grown tremendously and things get lost along the way. Some of it has to do with the way I was trained. The only people that greet me is the ones that I say hello to first and then it is the cashiers on the way out. I know who the managers are because they stand around smiling and have their arms folded on their chest and silent. The name HEB represents Texas and always will and has been since 1905.

  23. Arlene

    I moved here from Houston 7 months ago the HEB’s in Houston were packed because they are the best now that I live in Central Texas it’s the only place I shop the workers there are super friendly and polite…I love my HEB…..

  24. Pete Garcia

    I trade at HEB because they have lower prices. I get my groceries, including paper goods, etc., gasoline and Pharmacy refills there. I love the fact that they support charities.

  25. Richard Santage

    Why can’t we have HEB stores in the DFW area? I’m tired of Tom Thumb, Kroger, and Wal-Mart!

  26. Donna Shone

    My fave HEBs are the HEB Plus stores in Bastrop & Kyle. I also shop at Riverside HEB. The Bastrop HEB pharmacy is THE BEST and their beauty department, along with Mia’s Mirror is the highlight every time I walk in. It always makes me feel proud that a company as wonderful as HEB is Texas-born and is so freakin’ fabulous! There are NO COMPARISONS to other grocery chains. I’ll never leave Texas unless I can take HEB with me! 🙂

  27. SG

    HEB the best, the best, the best, they get even better with offering ORGANIC USDA products, they support local and buy local , from farmers , ..and did I say they are the best??

  28. L johnston

    the east Austin store at Pleasant Valley not only does not do plastic bag recycling, but little by little is eliminating really good product like Mazzonette Feta stuffed olives and Perrier. And their wine selection sucks

  29. Michelle Holmes

    We just got a new HEB in Clear Lake and I’m loving it. We have bought everything from groceries to gifts to furniture for our yard. Love how your chefs are cooking inside and give me great ideas for dinner. HEB is our Texas store.


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