Shipt Wants You to Break Up with the Grocery Store. Forever.


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We have successfully launched grocery delivery in Birmingham, Alabama. For NashvilleDallas and everyone who is eager to break up with grocery shopping: Want to see the Shipt app in action?

It’s time to break up with the grocery store. Technology has made our lives more convenient than ever. In case you forgot, we carry small computer-phones in our pockets everywhere. So why aren’t we using our phones to run our errands? Why not use them to skip the weekly (or random) trips to the grocery store?

This is where we come in. Enter: Shipt, your grocery store hero.

So how does it work?

You order groceries through our app, and we bring them straight to your door! Yes, it really is that simple. No delivery trucks. No warehouses of food. We use a local community of independent Shoppers in your area and train them on the best shopping practices to serve you.

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We have 21 categories to choose from and over 40,000 items to place in your virtual shopping cart. Just choose a delivery window that is best for you, and we will run to the store.

Okay, but what if I need something special?

No problem. We got this. We have a special order feature! Just enter the brand, size, quantity, and flavor you need. Your Shopper will text you with any questions if needed.

Your Shopper will also contact you if any of your products are missing in store! We will ask for substitutions or omissions. We’ll even send you pictures just to make sure. But if you don’t hear from us, we will arrive at your door at the time of delivery with everything you wanted!

Want to see the app in action?

Check out our new video featuring one of our own Shoppers from Birmingham!

It’s time to break up with grocery shopping.

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Shipt is an on-demand Grocery Delivery service devoted to your Instant Getification based in Birmingham, Alabama. Members can shop for their groceries with the Ship app in iTunes and Google Play, and have them delivered in as little as one hour. Forever avoid standing in long check-out lines and sign up today!

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