The Food Trends That Defined the Decade

This last decade feels like it flew by in an instant. As we say goodbye to the 2010s — which brought about innovations as grand as on-demand apps and as goofy as gifs — it’s the perfect time to reflect on how the world has grown and changed over the last 10 years. 

We’re reminiscing on some of the biggest food trends and fads that (for better or worse) had a huge impact on our lives. So as the year draws to a close, let’s take a jog down the memory lane of our palettes and check out some of the most influential eats of the decade now past. Happy New Year! 

Avocado Toast 

No item permeated the cultural zeitgeist of this last decade quite like, you guessed it, avocado toast. The delicious fruit might have been around for centuries, but gained food royalty status in 2017 after a millionaire businessman declared it the reason why millennials can’t afford to buy houses. Today avocado toast isn’t just nutritious, but comes with just a hint of defiance. 


There were a number of wellness trends to hit in the last decade, but not all of them were popular enough to get their very own label on food packaging. The Whole30 diet has such a cult following that food makers have begun to label their products as “Whole30 friendly.” Criticized for being too restrictive, the hardcore “Whole30” isn’t as popular as it once was, but people can still use the Whole30 sticker to help find foods that are low in sugar and other processed things. 

The Impossible Burger

The 2010s were all about “healthier options” and “plant-based diets.” While everything from kale to quinoa cropped up as great new vegetarian options, nothing in this category tops the scientific feat that is Impossible meat. So much like the real thing that it actually “bleeds” (still a bit weird if you think about it for too long), the Impossible burger changed the standard for what meat-alternatives can look like, and is likely to only continue to gain popularity into the next decade. 

La Croix 

Riding the aforementioned health wave of this last decade, La Croix skyrocketed from that bubbly drink in Grandma’s fridge to the beverage of choice for the young, cool and guilt-free. A stark contrast from the sweet and sugary beverages that predated it, La Croix became a national sensation thanks to it’s light, fizzy charm and some incredible marketing by the company. While the bubbles might have settled a bit from its heyday, a cold can of La Croix is still many folks go-to drink on a hot day. 

Cold Brew

One of our personal favorite food trends of the last decade is cold brew. The massively popular (and potent) brew is the perfect alternative for folks who want a more refreshing take on the traditional cup of hot coffee. Often steeped overnight (or longer), cold brew provides a powerful jolt of caffeine for its drinkers that’s sure to keep this trend going strong for the next ten years and beyond. 

Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top’s journey to the top of the ice cream world is a strange one. Started by a former attorney with the goal of reducing carbohydrates and refined sugars in ice cream, Halo Top claimed to be the first “lifestyle” ice cream that could be consumed daily without imploding someone’s regular caloric intake. Whether or not that’s true has been up for debate, but what can’t be debated is that the messaging worked — in the summer of 2017, Halo Top bested veteran ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs for the best-selling ice cream. Only time will tell if Halo Top’s hot streak will cool or blaze on into the next decade. 

ALL of the Milk Alternatives 

From soy milk to coconut milk, almond milk and then oat milk — the last 10 years was the decade of non-dairy milk alternatives. The slow down on cow’s milk is said to be good for our bodies (so long lactose intolerance) and the planet. Plus, we quite like the way these taste when mixed with the Cold Brew mentioned above. 

What’s our absolute favorite food trend of the last decade though? How about same-day grocery delivery service! Like so much of the list above, Shipt was born and raised over the last decade. We’re proud of where we came from, and excited to see what the next 10 years have in store! 

Gearing up to ring in the New Year? has everything you need — including everything on the list above — to start the next decade off right, brought right to your door in as soon as one hour! 

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