The Trendiest Internet Recipes, All in One Place (and Ready to Cook)

We’ve always been big fans of cooking at home – have you seen our recipe videos? But over the last year or so, we’ve seen home cooking explode with trendy celebrity chefs and viral recipes becoming staples on our Instagram feeds. If you haven’t heard of Alison Roman or Chrissy Tiegan’s infamous cookbooks, it’s high time you gave them a try. 

With so many recipes, cookbooks, and food trends to try (have you made #TheStew yet?), it can be tough to decide where to start. So whether you’re the photo-loving cook or a brave baker, we rounded up our favorites – and hope they become your favorites too! 

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For the parent with teens (who wants to be hip)… 

If you’ve got teens (or tweens) in the house, you’re likely no stranger to TikTok. One of the latest shorts to go viral is this Whipped Coffee Drink, which hundreds of thousands of users are blending up and setting to music across all corners of the internet. According to Good Morning America, the drink, also known as Dalgona, originated in South Korea – and is super simple to create. Check out the recipe (made from just four ingredients); choreographed dance optional. 

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For the adventurous baker… 

Known for her unfussy recipes and love of a good anchovy, New York Times columnist and cookbook author Alison Roman has become the millennial generation’s resident chef. And while she’s famous for her Stew that’s gone viral many times over, Alison actually got her start as a pastry chef. So it’s no surprise that one of our favorite recipes from her Nothing Fancy cookbook is this Salted Butter and Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie. Try them immediately to indulge your next salty-sweet craving. 

For the classic chef… 

When thinking of celebrity chefs, the entire internet was charmed by Samin Nosrat, author (and host) of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (and its corresponding TV show). Her contagious passion for food and the science behind it made her cookbook one of the most popular of the last few years. One of her most beloved recipes is a Buttermilk-Marinated Roast Chicken that soaks overnight to create a crowd-pleasing dinner for nights at home.

For the chip and dip lover… 

Let’s start off with one of the most viral celebrities around, Chrissy Teigen! Chrissy is never one to shy away from a delicious recipe, and her guacamole is no exception. Straight from her Cravings cookbook, Chrissy’s cheesy guacamole has a few surprise ingredients that level up this not-so-average dip. 

For the meal-prepper who loves leftovers… 

While not an official “recipe,” Pinterest has been full of these beautiful (and appetizing) Rainbow Sheet Pans – perfect for all your meal-prepping needs. Choose the vegetables you like, stick to a particular color palette, or try a different marinade every time. The choice is yours, but we love the ombre of this PureWow version

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