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7 Fall-favorite Fireside Snacks

When you hear the sound of leaves crunching underfoot it’s time to eat crunchy snacks around a fireside. Ok, maybe all the snacks aren’t crunchy, but they sure are tasty! We’ve all got our favorite fall treats that we can’t wait to eat. This season, mix it up a bit with a new spin on the classics. Put a twist on these 7 irresistible fireside snacks:  1. Apple Pie on a Stick Say goodbye to plates and enjoy apple treats anywhere. Add this yummy Apple Pie on a Popsicle recipe to your fall rotation.  2. Hot Dogs Put a taco night twist on a classic with Guac Dogs. These puppies are sure to be a hit!  3. Banana S’mores  You’ve had a s’mores. You’ve had a banana split. But have you had a Campfire Banana Split? It’s a delicious, gooey experience.  4. Popcorn Add a pop of green with this Poppin' Kale snack recipe. You’ll gobble it right up! 5. Nachos The best time for nachos is always – now. Pull out all your favorite toppings for this Loaded Potato Nachos feast.  6. Trail Mix Follow your taste buds to this fall treat. Mott’s® Super Mix To-Go is the perfect way to take dessert with you.  7. Granola Bars This easy Peanut Butter Granola Bars recipe is a fun snack for all ages, especially the young at heart. Hanging out by the fire? Let Shipt deliver your favorite fall snacks to your door.